Feeling Really Huge. 32.3

So we had our latest (and, I think, final) ultrasound this morning.  Sweet P was hiding her face…pretty much IN my butt.

She also measured HUGE, but the doctor thinks her measurements might have been off due to her position.  As of right now, and those measurements, Dr. Taylor estimates our baby girl is around 5lb 9oz.  If this is the case and she keeps growing at a normal rate, that will put her at around 8 1/2 pounds when she’s delivered in just under six weeks.  EEP!

Everything else is great, though.  Kidneys look the way they’re supposed to, heart is “beautiful” and beating at 150 bpm as usual.  The section is scheduled now, officially, for December 8th at 1:00pm.  That is 5 weeks and just under 5 days from now.

I’m. So. Ready.

I’m so uncomfortable most of the time now and I know it’s for a wonderful cause…but even the mere six weeks I have left with this baby girl residing in my body feels like an eternity.   But it’s not.  The time will go by faster than I think and before I know it, I’ll be holding her.

So.  Ready.


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