Belly Time. 22.3

Last year, the first picture of my baby bump I took was at 22 weeks, 3 days. So, I thought it’d be fun to have a picture on the same day this time.  Here it is:


It’s so funny to think that there are two completely different babies in there in each of those pictures. 

I feel Sweet P moving all the time now.  She (I’m just going with she until we know otherwise) is so active and it keeps me from fretting too much about anything bad that could happen.  I’m just happy to have her with me now.  She makes every moment of every day better.  That’s just all there is to it.

Two more weeks until our next trip to the doctor and (hopefully) a confirmation of our little lady’s gender.  Here’s hoping they go by fast!


It’s a…Girl? 21.5

Last week we had our 20 week anatomy scan and everything went great!  Sweet P’s little tiny heart, lungs, stomach, arms, legs, umbilical cord, placenta, and many other things looked awesome and s/he is growing at just the right rate!

So what gives?  Well, the only part we couldn’t get a really great look at was the genitalia.  Sweet P was being extremely modest, at one point holding his/her foot and at another completely crossing his/her legs.  From what the doctor could see, she said she was about 75% sure it was a girl, but not to “buy anything, yet.”  She said she’d scan me again when I came in for my 24 week appointment and then we’d know for sure (hopefully?).

Of course I’m totally impatient so this totally bummed me out, but, of course, the most important thing is that s/he is totally healthy and everything is moving along just as it is supposed to.  Just like last year with Malcolm, we got a wobbly 3D photo to share as well:

05_20 weeksS/he looks pretty bummed, too, don’t you think?  Sigh.  Until next time!