Questions Answered. 19.2

Last Friday, I emailed my OB (Dr. Taylor) and asked her some questions about the C-Section process.  My biggest concern about the birth, this time, is being separated from the baby for too long.  I’ve often read stories of C-Sections where the moms are left in the recovery room for hours alone while Dad and the baby are in the nursery somewhere else.  Though, of course, my first priority is the safety and health of myself and the baby, I wanted to see if she could clarify some things and address some requests I had regarding the c-section process.  Here is my email to her and her response:


To: Dr. Taylor
From: Me
Subject: C-Section Questions

Dr. Taylor,

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Family-Centered or “natural” C-Sections. I’m not sure what your office’s or Northside’s rules are regarding some of these things, but a lot of them are really appealing especially considering this baby will be my first after such a huge loss. I wrote down a few questions and I was wondering if you could give me your take on them with your knowledge of what NSH allows.

(Keep in mind all of these questions assume that the baby and myself are completely healthy, that I am not rendered useless by nausea or grogginess, and that there are no complications with the operation — obviously if there were any complications, I would want to completely defer to routine without question)

1. Can my right arm be left free so that I can use it to hold and/or touch the baby following delivery? (IV drip in left hand)
2. Can the baby be brought to my chest for early skin-to-skin contact in the OR? (ECG monitors away from the front of the chest.)
3. Can most tests/checks the baby needs be performed on my chest?
4. Is it possible to not be separated from the baby (in a different room) at any time?
5. Can the baby stay with me and Adam in recovery?
6. Can I try to nurse in recovery?

I’ve seen a few videos and read several stories of C-Sections that went like this, and it seems like it would be a great experience and greatly reduce my anxiety if any or all of these things were possible.

Talk to you soon!


To: Me
From: Dr. Taylor
Subject: Re: C-Section Questions


We will certainly do our best to accommodate  all of your requests. In general, the sets during a c-section are as such:
Once the baby is delivered, the team transports the baby to the warmer to do the initial assessment – depending on which room we are in, sometimes Adam will be able to go over there to watch & take pictures.
Once they are done with their initial assessment, the baby will be wrapped and brought to you. There will be a chance for pictures and for you to touch / hold the baby. Typically at this point the baby & Adam will head to the recovery room while I finish up the surgery. Once we’re done (there usually is less than 10 mins between when they leave and when we will be finished) you will go straight to the recovery room to join Adam and the baby. Once in the recovery room, they will do the initial post surgery assessment and as soon as you are given the thumbs up, they will work with you on skin-to-skin and breastfeeding if you would like. You guys will typically be downstairs in recovery for about 1 to 1 1/2 hrs after the surgery.

In general, the baby is with you the entire time. They will do some testing the next morning that they take the baby to the nursery but if you guys want the baby in the room with you, and everything is okay, that’s what we will do! We can talk a little more about the specifics the next time I see you in the office. Hope this helps!

Dr. Taylor


I don’t know exactly why, but I have read and relished this email at least 10 times since I received it.  I think it’s a combination of things.  It relieves me that this is the default process at Northside for c-sections.  I would have no issue with this exactly procedure happening with us.  It also gives me something to daydream about.  Up until now, I’ve sort of thought “Oh and then the baby will be born…and then….then…well, I don’t really know exactly…” — it kind of ruins the picture in my head.  Now that I have this to go on, I can’t stop myself from getting really excited and thinking about how happy we will be down there in that recovery room this time.

I just can’t wait.  I just want to be this excited and this positive the rest of this pregnancy.  I want everything to go well and for there to be no complications at all.

Can I have that, universe?


One thought on “Questions Answered. 19.2

  1. All will go well. Do NOT stress easier said than done trust me I know. Just think if you stress you stress the baby. So remain calm. The baby picks up your vibes so remain calm because you will have years to come to stress. That does NOT go away. So allow this time to be stress free. Again I know that’s hard and yes from time to time you are going to stress but remember while Sweet P is depending on you (in your belly) you have to relax.

    Love you and ALL will go well.
    MTB Mommy

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