Bad Blogger. 15.0

I’ve been really bad about keeping up.  I even have all these things I’ve been thinking about, week in and week out, and when I think to sit down and write a post, I just kind of…well…forget?

Anyway, things are good so far.  Here’s the picture from our 12 week ultrasound (12.3)

04_12 weeks

It’s been a few weeks since then, but I still have to wait another 10 days to go to the doctor to hear his/her little heartbeat again and put my mind at ease.  As of yesterday, I think I’m beginning to feel some little movements here and there, so that’s a good sign.  Anything to let me know there’s still a little human in there – I’ll take it.

Morning sickness is pretty much gone now, but I’m still very tired and I’ve started getting these awful headaches (especially in the morning).  I worry a little about my blood pressure (which was pretty high at my 9 week appointment but not as bad at my 12 week appointment), because I know hypertension can really screw with fetal growth and the placenta (some of the myriad of “last things I want”).  Hopefully everything is ok.


It’s all I can do.  I’ll never really fully believe it is going to happen until it does.  And even then…I’ll have a brand new set of terrifying things to worry about.  But until all of that, I just hope for the best.  Hope everything is alright. Even if that means I can’t really allow myself to say “when the baby gets here” (it’s always “if”), I think being hopeful is a pretty good start.



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