HIE. 8.5

Happy 5 months, Mal.  Miss you, buddy.

Here is a little infographic I found on Facebook that gives a little insight into what we lost our little guy to.


I find it helpful because there is so little info out there that isn’t lost in a sea of medical jargon on websites maintained by and written for doctors.  I guess that’s just one of the effects of HIE happening so infrequently, not a whole lot of people are looking.

I look at this and…I don’t necessarily feel comforted by the explanation, but I’m glad there is a name for it.  I’m glad there is at least something to call it, something to create awareness about.  But what are we really creating awareness about? Just that it happens?  Because there wasn’t really anything they could do for our son.  He lost everything in those final moments before they took me to get an emergency c-section.  There was no way to stop it, his cord was stuck and he lost everything.  I suppose other children have milder symptoms and some can even fully recover using the cooling technique.  Just not Mal.

It still baffles me that it all happened so quickly.  Here one minute, gone the next.  What a waste.

I know Sweet P is in no danger of that precise thing happening to him/her.  I know that all of it can be avoided this time around, presuming everything else goes ok.

So there’s that, I guess.




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