Here we go… 6.4

7 weeks, 3 days.  6 weeks, 6 days.  6 weeks, 4 days.6wk_written

So here we are again.  Yesterday, we saw the little heartbeat on the monitor and the doctor said it measured at about 120 bpm which is a really good rate.  Sweet P also measured at around 6 weeks, 3 days, so she moved my due date out…

To December 21st.

That was Malcolm’s due date.  If I didn’t know I was going to have a scheduled c-section at about 38 weeks, I’d probably be really sad.  I don’t know why, I always new that trying again after three months would put me in that range, but the same due date…wow.  Thankfully, if Sweet P decides (or his or her chromosomes) decide to stick around, we’ll get to meet him/her sooner.

But that’s a big “if,” I know.  According to a miscarriage statistics site I found last year, a study found that the risk of miscarriage dropped from 15% (once gestational sac is visible – which it was last week) to about 9% when a heartbeat is confirmed at 6 weeks.  According to the same study, if all is well at our 9 week visit on May 21st, the risk of miscarriage will drop to a measly 0.5%.  Of course, anything can happen and I’m trying to prepare myself for all possibilities, but somehow these numbers ease my mind a little.


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