Blarg. 7.1… just kidding… 6.4?

Woof.  So confusing.

Last Wednesday, I went to the doctor and had what was going to be our confirmation ultrasound.  Once she got to the baby, however, all she could really see was the yolk sac and what was maybe the beginning of the fetal pole.  She said it looked like maybe I was less far along than we estimated (using the first day of my last period).  Since I always want to know the worst case scenario, I also asked her if the ultrasound would look the same way if I had miscarried early on.  She said it might, but we’ll know more next week.

We rescheduled for a week later (tomorrow morning) and I was sent on my way.  At first I felt really scared and almost sad already, but then I started thinking back to when we were trying last month, and I remembered that I couldn’t get a very good read on when I ovulated.  Of course, when you find out you’re pregnant, you do the online calculator thing and, based on the first day of the last period, you get your dates.  Those dates suppose that you had an average luteal phase (that you ovulated about 14 days after your period started).  If you ovulate later than that, your dates could be off.  I did a little math based on, in retrospect, the day I think I actually ovulated, and it put me about four days behind the average estimate.  When I looked up what an ultrasound would look like at five weeks, four or five days, it turns out it would look exactly like what I saw last Wednesday.

So I’ve been feeling better about all of that.

Also my morning sickness has officially kicked in.  So I’m feeling better about the baby and worse in just about every other way possible.  But…yay!(?)

Tomorrow morning, we’ll get our real confirmation.  A beating heart is what I want to see most in the world.  Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well and we’re really on our way to having another baby soon.

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