Happy Three-Day Weekend. 5.3

I’m feeling much better today.  I posted this to facebook soon after I made my blog post and finished crying a lot:



All of the comments and likes honestly have helped me so much through the worst of what happened with Malcolm.  It started the day after he was born when AP posted a picture of him and told our friends and family, via facebook, that Malcolm was here…but he was in trouble.  The outpouring of love over the next days and weeks…I think it almost physically carried me.  Until last night, I hadn’t posted anything about Malcolm on facebook since New Year’s Eve.  It felt good to reach out last night, at a time when I was feeling bad again, and have the collective internet hug of many of my friends and loved ones.

And tonight starts a much-needed three day weekend.  Oh heck yeah. Bring it.

So today I feel better.  I am one step closer…one day closer to having another baby.  Still feeling pretty good.  If this time is anything like last time, I should start feeling like crap sometime next week.  We’ll see, I guess!



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