Still Here. 4.5

I guess I’m just going to keep posting these.


I took that this morning.  Honestly, I mostly took it because I wanted to take one with AP there in person.  It is lovely to see those two solid lines, though.  I love it!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Malcolm and hoping that, wherever he is, he is happy and feeling good.  I hope he’s passing some of those good feelings on to us and his future brother or sister.  I hope he never feels forgotten or unloved or that we’ve “moved on” from him and onto another.  He will always be such a gigantic part of my heart and my life.  We will be better, healthier parents because of him.  We owe him everything.

I miss him every day.  I am so ecstatic over the possibility of another baby, but I miss my son every day and that’s never going to change.


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