Day by Ever-Loving Day. 4.2

Every day that I don’t start my period is another day that I still have a little future-baby in me.  That is a good thought.  These next few days before I take another test to help me confirm the existence of a new Pinney baby are going to go by super slow.

I’ve started calling it “Sweet P”.  My dad used to call me that.  Malcolm was Mini-Pinney until we found out the gender (read about my first 24 weeks with him inside me here) and the next baby will be Sweet P.

I’m so excited and scared and…scared.  I’ve been very calm the last few days, but I don’t think the possibility of having another baby is really sinking in yet.  I know I’m pregnant (sort of, my brain can’t even really go there, yet), but I can’t imagine the beautiful outcome of having another healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby at the end.  A healthy baby who is not injured while they are being born.  A healthy baby who gets to come home and live and grow with us.  I still can’t picture it.

And yet, here we are.  No period.  Pretty sure that was  positive pregnancy test.  Four weeks, two days (that’s what those numbers mean up in the subject, for future reference).

Let’s see what 4.4 brings.


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