Wait. Wait. Wait.

So today is day 29.

I’ve been feeling crampy and headache-y for two days straight and no period in sight. This makes me so hopeful and drives me crazy at the same time.

Why does it make me hopeful? Because the only time this series of bodily events has occurred, I was pregnant with Malcolm. So that’s a pretty big, awesome clue right there that I might be pregnant now (four weeks pregnant exactly).

Why does it also drive me crazy? Because I promised myself I’d wait a while to take a test so I wouldn’t get my hopes up over a chemical pregnancy or just a later period. I really want to stick to that because it seems “best” for me, but holy moly it is hard to wait.

So the plan is to take a test on Wednesday morning and then just sort of have that result to help me for the next couple weeks before I really start getting my hopes up.  If it’s positive and then I get my period later, that’s ok, I know what a chemical pregnancy is…I know it can happen. I know, I know.  If it’s negative, then I just go about my life and wait for my period to come and try again next month.

Any number of things could happen even if it’s positive and everything goes swimmingly for the next few weeks.  Something could still happen and we could still lose the baby, but I’m trying to be as positive as possible.


This really feels like it could be it.  Hopes are up whether I like it or not.


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